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About us!

Ringolevio first started in 2001 with Josh Ace on bass and vocals, Bill Ford on guitar, James Beck on guitar and Mark edwards on drums. Due to lack of ability James was fired. The band carried on for several months without a bass player until eventually they found Gareth Moule. Soon afterwards Mark was fired due to artistical differences. Now they needed a drummer. They played many gigs with stand in drummers and became fed up with not finding anyone permanent. Then came Moley. Moley ( Matthew Vaughn) was a drummer Josh had been in a band with several years before and was very impressive. He joined the band in 2002. Next came more line up changes. Gareth left the band in early 2003 to persue his journalism career. James Beck had now become a good friend and talented bass player so they got him back in the band, this time on bass. Then they had to let Bill go. The band felt he was losing enthusiasm. Currently the band is made up of Josh Ace, James Beck and Moley on drums and is going strong!


Instrument: Guitar, Vocals

Interests: Watching other bands,


Instrument: Drums, vocals

Interests: Surfing, basketball and balley.



Instrument: Bass, vocals

Interests: Music, Bonging